I have been painting with acrylics and oils for over 15 years.

The paintings are expressive and temperamental, often with cool and calm almost monochrome surfaces that give the material colors depth and extra power.

In the past years, I have also been gripped by working with soapstone.

The work with soapstone takes place without the aid of machines and usually various coarse rasps, files, saws, small tuning irons and wet sandpaper are used for grinding and polishing.

I have a workshop in a community with 10 visual artists in the basement of an old distillery in Roskilde.

Here I enjoy the energy of the community and the synergy that occurs when many people are creative at the same time.

Today I am associated with Gallery Sapere Aude in Copenhagen and Ros-Gallery, Roskilde where you can see and buy my pictures and sculptures.